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Media Release (15 June 2009)

Carbon neutral paper products are less damaging to the environment. With companies now taking a high level of corporate social responsibility, a simple choice such as purchasing Stikki Notes manufactured from carbon neutral paper will reduce a company’s environmental impact.

Carbon neutral Stikki Notes are made using ENVI carbon neutral paper which is the only paper certified by the Australian Government’s Department of Climate Change.

Stikki CEO Stephen Genis believes his company has found an edge in a market where consumers desire a positive alternative for one of the most used products in the workplace.

"Stikki is committed to encouraging businesses to make choices that will improve the environment, even in a small way.

By launching the first ever carbon neutral paper Stikki Note our company is demonstrating a responsible approach to providing sustainable solutions combined with local manufacturing innovation," Stephen said.

The range of carbon neutral paper Stikki Notes are available in eight sizes. Each Stikki Note pad contains up to 100 sheets of ruled pages. The range is proudly Australian Made.

Australian Government sustainability requirements are being introduced and those requirements will hold corporate Australia increasingly responsible for its actions. They include the National Greenhouse Energy Reporting (NGER) Act and the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS). In choosing an Australian Government certified carbon neutral paper, product purchasers can be certain carbon emissions associated with its lifecycle have been measured, verified, reduced and then offset.

Carbon neutral describes products, operations and activities which have had their green house gas emissions measured, calculated (in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent), then offset through the purchase of carbon credits that fund alternative emission-free energy projects like wind and solar power generation.


Carbon Neutral
Carbon Neutral

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