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What is Carbon Neutral?

Carbon neutral describes products, operations and activities which have had their greenhouse gas emissions:

  • Measured
  • Calculated (in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent), then
  • ‘Offset’ through the purchase of carbon credits that fund alternative emission-free energy projects like wind and solar power generation

What are carbon neutral paper Stikki Notes made from?

Carbon neutral paper Stikki Notes are made with ENVI carbon neutral paper, certified by the Australian Government’s Department of Climate Change.

What are the benefits of using carbon neutral paper Stikki Notes?

There are many benefits to using the range of carbon neutral paper Stikki Notes, including:

  • They are made from the only carbon natural paper to be certified by the Australian Government’sDepartment of Climate Change
  • They are manufactured by an Australian company, in Australia
  • They cost the same as other products but are far more environmentally friendly
  • They provide your staff, customers, suppliers and business associates a genuine indication your business is contributing to a reduction in global warming
  • The total amount of greenhouse emissions saved on each print run are listed on each Stikki Note pad communicating how you are making a difference to global warming

What sizes are available?

70mm x 75mm up to A4 210mm x 297mm

Carbon Neutral

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